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Corporate Gift

Copy Express Gauteng creates custom branded items with your company logo as corporate gifts.
Give a special company branded corporate gift to employees, networking and business partners.
Corporate gifts can be designed and customized by Copy Express to make a lasting impression.
Corporate gifts are a reminder to the person to use your services, by allowing Copy Express to add your contact details onto the customized corporate gift, the user will always have your contact information nearby.

Copy Express corporate gifts can include customized umbrellas, mugs, engraved pens, printed mugs.
Imagine a corporate outing where your logo is branded on the cooler bag. Copy Express can print any design according to the size of the gift and the company requirements.

Our extensive range holds a world of possibility across a number of promotional marketing categories including:
  • Apparels
  • Workwear
  • Sportswear
  • Headwear
  • Gifts
  • Bags
examples of corporate gift


What are the Benefits of Giving Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts help develop B2B relationships – people love receiving gifts, and pay more attention when you give it to them. If the gift you have given is useful, it will go a long way to reminding them of YOUR usefulness.

Corporate gifts raise your brand awareness – by putting your name, brand and contact info out there, these gifts help clients associate brand image and can often attract new customers. Often providing a free corporate gift, will entice clients to kick start a professional relationship with your company.

Corporate gifts are a cost effective way of advertising – corporate gifts are usually long lasting and used quite regularly (memo-pads, tote-bags, keychains, notebooks, pens, or other office supplies), so the cost per impression is minimal.

Corporate gifts deepen client relationships – Your most valuable clients deserve to be thanked for the business they bring to your company. Giving corporate gifts reminds the client that their business is important to you. This impacts the client with a positive feeling, that increases loyalty.

Corporate gifts improve image and perception – A gift is a symbol of goodwill – by giving corporate gifts to your stakeholders and prospective clients, you improve your company’s image and increase positive perceptions.

Corporate gifts work to generate more leads – by distributing your company’s logo, name and contact details on corporate gifts, you increase awareness, interest and curiosity in your business. Customers are much more receptive to a company that gives them free gifts.

For instance, the trade show example:
When free gifts are presented, more customers are attracted to the booth to begin with, and those customers who do make a connection with said company, usually go further down the line with them.

Corporate gifts work to generate more referrals – Sometimes your own customers can be a great source of new leads – consider offering promotional gifts as incentives to encourage clients to generate referrals.

Giving out Corporate Gifts increases your sales – Naturally, with greater customer goodwill and brand awareness comes more sales- customers who get more value for money or are highly valued will most likely spend more on products and services from the company – think of business gifts as a form of value.

Giving Corporate Gifts build company cohesion and develop employee relations – Giving a corporate gift to a worker who has worked hard is a perfect way to  build their morale and esteem and make them feel appreciated by management and executives.

Corporate gifts can also act as a catalyst to encourage and motivate employees to reach a certain achievement level, by rewarding them with a corporate gift when they reach that level. You can also reinforce a company’s ethos or slogan through repetition on promotional products.


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