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Promotional Pens

Make Your Name Stand Out In BOLD.

Promote your company name, brand, logo and more with personalized pens from Copy Express Menlyn in Pretoria. Promotional pens are a great marketing tool as well and reasonably priced. Designed for give-away at trade shows, corporate functions, seminars and anywhere else you market your brand, our selection of personalized and engraved pens make a truly classic gift. Copy Express in Menlyn Pretoria engraves on pens of highest quality that is unparalleled in craftsmanship or attention to detail.

You can choose from cheap, but funky plastic promotional pens to smart Cross Pens, Sheaffer Pens or Stabilo Pens.

Names or messages are limited in character length and placement.

Why a Pen is a Great Promotional Gift

  • The best promotional products are useful products – promotional pens are looked at, and used several times a day.
  • No matter how many pens an individual has – there always seems to be a desire for more. One always lands up in the glove box somewhere.
  •  Pens are shared a lot – you’re getting extra exposure to other people for free.
  • Pens are personal items – these come In a variety of styles and grades – pens go on to become personal choices.
  • You can tailor your promotional pen to your target audience
  • Pens are cost effective – and they’re sold in bulk, making the cost to put your name on a pen very affordable.
  • Handing out free promotional pens is a tangible reminder of your company,
  • Pens have a longer advertising shelf life – pens can last for more than 6 months.
  • Branding pens can be directed to selected audiences
  • Records show that 40 percent of people can remember the name of the advertiser as long as six months after receiving the free gift.
  • Giving a customer or supplier a corporate gift pen is a great way to build customer loyalty.
  • Pens are the best business cards – You can place all your information on a pen – 73% of people in the PPAI study carry a pen with them at all times – 92% of car owners have at least two pens in the car – while 82% of people who carry a handbag or purse have at least one pen.
  • Nothing beats a classic – pens are old school

All promotional pens are:

  • High quality
  • Low Priced
  • Personalized

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